Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 16, 2010 Prayer Meeting at the QC Jail

We had a great meeting at the QC Jail this morning.
Tony Fernandez celebrated his birthday there,
and the inmates enthusiastically sang Happy Birthday to him.
Tony shared about his miraculous experience
when he was 7 years old and escaped unscathed
from what could have been a terrible accident.

Luigi took his cue from Tony's reading of Psalm 23,
and talked about how the Lord is our shepherd,
comparing our weakness to a sheep's dependence
on its master. He also shared about how, even if they were
inside the prison, they could be ambassadors for Jesus.

Charlie asked the inmates to share about their experiences
as ambassadors, and when they shared, gave away shirts
and the Word Among Us Meditation guides (donations from
you, Ligaya members).

Then Joanna de Almeida, one of the guests
from the community in Pune, India, shared about how
the Lord is our shelter and we can always depend on Him,
and how we can only find our home in Him.
This was an all seats taken, standing room sharing.
Many inmates crowded around the chapel to hear her
testimony, with Luigi translating it into tagalog.

Ben ended our morning with a song and salvation prayer.
Praise God that even if we only go there now every three weeks,
we can see God's hand. Peggy gave some bible studies to
some of the inmates, and they said they have been
going over it several times. Let us pray that God will give them
a portion of His Spirit and guide them. We can claim that
we will have many bible teachers being formed even while
"they are in chains" like St. Paul!!

May we ask you, brothers and sisters to storm heaven
with your prayers for Jopet- he says that the judge will give
a decision before August 3 whether to set bail or not.
It will be Jopet's 25th birthday on June 18, our anniversary celebration.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if he could be there to celebrate with us?

One of Jopet's painting club members has finished
3 oil paintings.
They are all P1000 pesos each.
1- Magandang Balita sa Birhen Maria is 16" x 20"
2- Bird Cage (similar to Two Teapots) 20" x 15"
3- Two Teapots 20" x 15".
Please contact me if you're interested.
Patsy at 09189173951.