Friday, November 20, 2009

November 12, 2009 Update

Let me share my exhilaration and amazement at what God is doing in our prison ministry so you will be reminded to keep praying for it (like a missile, Ric Warren said, prayer will find its target unerringly!)

Usually Peggy and I just sit on the sidelines praying while any one of the brothers give a talk or sharing (Luigi, Charlie, Lito, Ben Salvedia, Ben Galang, Ian Belmonte, Dennis Castillo, Stephen Rebueno, Joe Dean Sola, Jojo Villegas, brothers from Familia, etc.) But yesterday there was no doubt about it, God wanted me to share! Before the meeting, we prayed a prayer of protection, then Charlie, who has been taking the lead in this ministry, said he was going to talk about God loving the prisoners. I said Oh no! that’s what the Lord has been prompting me to share! So of course I had to share and amazingly, the butterflies and other pains in my tummy disappeared while I was in front sharing in my awkward Pilipino about how God loves them so much and wants to give them so much and share His life with them.

During the groupings, I usually don’t have to lead a men’s group when Familia brothers and sisters arrive, but yesterday, we were so few that I had to handle a group. Jopet said he’d join me and he noticed how I was having a hard time understanding what the inmates were saying that he practically took over! I was thanking God at his transformation when he led the prayer, and shared. He talked to the inmates about how his case was hopeless in the eyes of the world because it was the president who put him behind bars. “Huwag kayong mawalan ng pag-asa,” he encouraged them, “tignan niyo ko. Gawa lang tayo ng mabuti dito at kapag lumabas tayo, mag-iba na tayo ng buhay!” You know I was listening intently to what he was saying, and all the others in our group were also listening. I was thinking that it was so obvious God is planning something wonderful for this young boy. Let’s pray that he will open his heart more to receive all God wants to teach him. He’s already opened his heart and mind to giving what he can, where he is, with what he has.

Here’s an opportunity to be blessed- the LNP group were tasked to sponsor a mass on Thursday, December 17, 4pm, and to give out 250 gifts and merienda for the prisoners after. We’re looking to give each inmate a pail with cover with stuff inside. The pail is so that they have a place to put their things. The inmates have to use the big paint pails for lockers because there are no cabinets for a majority of the inmates. We want to put soap, shampoo, toothpaste, face towel, sardines, etc. inside. So if anyone has connections to companies who would be able to donate ,we would appreciate if you give us where to write or if you could facilitate yourself, that would be most appreciated! Of course any donation, no matter how small is appreciated. Pls bring to any papemelroti branch (no money pls) and label for prison ministry.

Thank you for all the support, especially to those who have given talks, provided for merienda, thank you to Timmy Tan who sent Ian to support us every week! Thank you a million times for the prayers because every week God sends His angels to protect us, sends His Spirit to guide our meetings, sends brothers and sisters to minister to the inmates He loves very much. Let us keep the people He loves in our hearts and minds, let us make His passion, our as well!

Pls contact me if you have comments, suggestions, whatever- :^)

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