Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23, 2010

QC Jail decided to limit our visits to once a month,
every third Thursday of the month, from 10-12nn.
They want to have all visitors come in the afternoon
and all service providers (that's us!) in the morning.
They divided the slots in the morning and it came to once a month!
It's a pity because I don't know how we can give a
Life in the Spirit Seminar

if we meet just once a month!
Also we were really gaining ground with some inmates.

One in particular, named Edwin, shared that it was only
when our group came, that he ventured inside the chapel.
He's been in jail for 9 years and
"pinagtatawanan ko lang ang mga pupunta sa chapel"
("I laugh at those who go to the chapel") he said.
But he said the Ligaya ng Panginoon
(our covenant community is called "The Joy of the Lord")
was different- why did we come, we had work, we had families.
I guess the other groups were religious. He became curious and started attending.

So now he said he reads the bible, he prays, etc.
When he heard of the change in schedule, he said it's not bad news.
"Kaya namin yan ni Jopet. Mag ba-bible study kami."
(We can do it- Jopet and I. We will do bible study.)
Jopet got astonished- "Pabigla-bigla naman tong si Edwin!
Sinama pa ako!" (Edwin's too brash, and he's including me!)was his reaction!

Edwin is such a fan of Ligaya he will call his bible study group
and his basketball team "Ligaya ng Panginoon"!!
Please pray that we know what God wants us to do.
Peggy said maybe to meet with the
smaller group of worship coordinators
and give them formation, during the weeks we don't have the big group mtg.
Please also pray for Jopet- the judge in charge of his case got a heart attack
and was in the ICU last week. They don't know what is the status of the case,
whether another judge will be assigned. Meanwhile they're just waiting.

God bless you! :^) patsy

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